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Hi, I am Sami*. And I am a world-class Realtor that deals with world-class properties for world-class people.

I graduated from the Business College in Helsinki, Finland, after graduation there where no big changes in my life.

In other words, I kept my student job as a security officer at the news magazine.

One day, on a typical cold and snowy Finnish Saturday winter evening, while it was freezing outside, I came up with a plan on how to become what I dreamt to be when I was a business school student: before trading stocks, I'm going to start in real estate. So when I got back home, as soon as my feet unfroze, the mailman dropped the Sunday newspaper through my door. I quickly grabbed it and browsed the job offers section. My eyes were shining when I spotted an ad looking for realtors, and as they say, the rest is history.

I immediately realized that I had a gift, seldom found in Scandinavians: I was actually able to speak and look into the eyes of the person I had in front of me. They say that the dark and cold winters in Finland are the reason why we are so introverse. I could see that in a few months I was closing more deals than seasoned realtors. I kept getting referrals, and it was at that point that I realized I had misinterpreted my school dream job: instead of stocks, I was actually trading real estate, at a rate of great success.

The sector was lightly regulated compared to Florida, but I decided to become a real estate broker: I studied, passed the bar examination and re-printed my business cards.

Years were passing by and I had already 10-years of experience as a real estate agent and over 500 transaction, when I decided to participate in US green card program. Life didn't stop surprising me and, yes, I was lucky, really lucky!

So here I am now, in a new country, in a new real estate office, doing what I do best: listening to my clients needs, preparing a customized plan and firmly representing them in the most professional, confidential and successful way I know of.

My principles are:

1) Integrity

As a child I was always taught to be honest and truthful. I find this to be a fundamental pillar in my life.

2) To save

Another important lesson my parents gave me. Save for the lean times. Lesson learned. We live within our means and enjoy being debt free.

3) Efficiency

Never do tomorrow, what can be done today. This I learned while working. Procrastination is not in my vocabulary and my customers are happy when I meet their deadlines sooner than later.

4) Education

These days everybody prefers lists of three items, however this fourth point is equally important to me: always keep learning, continuously update your knowledge, in every field, professionally, culturally, spiritually. And yes, I also know the score of the last match of my favourite hockey team.

*Sami is my name. But it is also a language and a group of native people living in Lapland. The etymological meaning is ”to find”, maybe it is just a coincidence but finding deals for my clients is what I do best.


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